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About Us


Our collections are inspired by nature and the beauty of imperfections, like cracks in the sidewalk and paint worn down from the salty beach air. From the sandy Southern California beaches to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, we find our inspiration in the diversity and expression in the street art and graffiti. Our goal is to make pieces that can be worn day to night, in the sea or in the bedroom. We want to enhance your natural beauty by dressing you in layers of understated stylish pieces.
     We design and create our jewelry by hand with love, in hopes all will, Love Out Loud.
Lo nests in coastal Southern California. Lo is a sunny-lover of life, art, interesting people and places. She has an eye for fashion and love of art and design. Her goal is to create easy going and stylish pieces made from high quality materials at a fare price for ANYONE  to wear on their beautiful body. The material used is handpicked and carefully chosen to ensure the best quality pieces that are timeless.
We want to know what all you lovers love and thank you for lovin’ Love Out Loud.